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“Renee Bretz is a godsend! She is part of my “well-being” maintenance program. I suffered a 5ft fall, landing on my back, which resulted in sciatic problems. Renee has used a method called "Structural Relief Therapy (SRT)" to help me through this annoyingly, painful issue. Renee is the type of Massage Therapist that asks upon arrival “What do you want today? Relaxation massage or is there an area we need to target?” She researches your area of concern and has even called me at home to inform me of her findings. I’ve been to several Massage Therapists over the years, and Renee receives an A+ from me!”
J.O. age 54

“I am very impressed with the atmosphere at Aspen Bodyworks. It is relaxing and friendly. Renee is very dedicated to her client’s needs. If I’m experiencing pain she usually can find the cause and reduce or eliminate it. If I’m stressed she knows how to target the affected areas, and leaves me feeling like “jello”. The convenience of being in downtown Tonasket to get treated is priceless. After being thoroughly relaxed I don’t like to have to drive very far to get home.”

M.G. age 47

“After being in an car accident almost two years ago, I have suffered pain in my neck, shoulder, hip & knee. I have been to MD’s, Physical Therapists, and other Massage Therapist. Renee is the only one who has helped me cope with my issues. We have done many different modalities of treatment, including Trigger point therapy, Structural Relief Therapy, Swedish Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage. Over the last few months she has decreased most of my pain. She has encouraged physical therapy and provided more useful information to foster the exercises given to me by the physical therapist. I appreciate the caring and friendly service at Aspen Bodyworks. Thanks Renee!”

K .L. age 52
Office Manager


Aspen Bodyworks Massage & Electrolysis
Renee Bretz LMP MA0008274
For a Healthy, Relaxed, Balanced Life
311 S. Whitcomb Ave., Tonasket, WA 98855      
Mailing: 1 D Hwy.7 Tonasket, WA 98855
Fax 1-866-345-6196
Business hrs are Monday thru Friday 9-6pm, Occasional weekends
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